• Apology

    Stephen Sizer’s Apology

    Churchwardens Kathryn Rogers & Margaret Perkins write: “In the light of recent media events please see Vicar Stephen Sizer’s statement below. We, as Churchwardens, are working closely with the Diocese of Guildford as we move forwards”. You…

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  • Q1 2015 Sermon Series

    Spring 2015 Teaching Programme

    At our morning Services in January and February we start a series of studies in Mark’s gospel entitled “Following Jesus the Servant King”.  Our evening Service series from January to Easter is entitled “Strength in Weakness:…

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  • TNC web Spring2015

    Spring Courses

    Spring Thursday Night Courses begin on 22 January at 19.30 What happens at Thursday Night Courses? We meet together at 19.30 for a light meal and a chance to get to know other people on the…

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  • PastoralCare

    Pastoral Care

    We have a dedicated Pastoral Care Team. If you have a burden that you need to share, or you would appreciate a pastoral visit, please let Stephen know on 07970 789549 or Simon on 07949 615324.

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  • Open House

    Open House On Friday Evening

    We invite you to join us for the next Open House on Friday 27 February 2015 at 19.30. Please RSVP to Stephen (stephen@cc-vw.org) if you would like to attend.

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