Beth King

bethBeth was appointed as Youth Pastor in August 2014, having served as Youth Ministry Apprentice working alongside Peter serving the youth for the previous two years. Having been brought up in a Christian home, her journey to Christ was gradual and complicated, and it was at university that she was finally floored by the reality of God’s love and grace for her, something she had professed at her baptism a few years earlier, but hadn’t fully grasped at the time.

Born and raised the other side of the Heathrow Airport, Beth is a Londoner through and through, but fell in love with Surrey (namely Virginia Water) whilst attending Royal Holloway from 2009 to 2012, where she graduated with an English degree, a greater love for Jesus, and a new sense of direction in her life – youth ministry at Christ Church! Over the course of her two year apprenticeship she has undertaken training in Biblical/Theological Studies and Youth Ministry, as well as working alongside the youth and their families, and looks forward to continuing building on her current relationships with the young people at Christ Church, seeing them grow even more in their love for God, ‘stand[ing] firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured’ (Colossians 4:12), as well as building relationships with new youth that God brings into the youth ministry.

Aside from Jesus and the youth, Beth loves tea, bacon, the Queen, quality literature, spending time with friends, and watching pretty much every sporting event under the sun.

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Youth Pastor

The role of the youth pastor is to assist youth to know Jesus and make Jesus known, becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, turning pagans into missionaries. Working alongside the clergy, other pastors, and families the primary roles of the youth pastor are:

  • to equip and encourage every one of our young people to share the Gospel through training in personal witness.
  • to develop and deliver a structured three-year teaching curriculum for a life of godly discipleship
  • to build and maintain a team of reliable and fully trained youth leaders
  • to provide young people with opportunities to develop their leadership skills for Christian ministry
  • to equip every young person attending Christ Church regularly with the knowledge and skills to sustain their Christian lives in adulthood
  • to project future accommodation and resource requirements for youth ministry.