DAI UK May News Update

News Update FB Template

DAI UK publishes a News Update and a Prayer Update every quarter i.e. just one email in your inbox every 6 or 7 weeks. If you are passionate about Christian servant-leadership training and would like to keep up with DAI’s global and local ministry please click here and follow the SIGN UP links to subscribe to these updates. Colin Rye (Christ Church member and DAI UK’s Chief Exec. & Senior Consultant for Curriculum Development) and John Rogers (former Christ Church member and DAI UK’s Senior Consultant for Adult Learning) would be delighted to know that you are interested in, and praying for DAI.

Featuring 3 stories with a ‘light’ link, 3 from Sri Lanka and more, the May News Update is available here.

For more information about DAI, click here to visit our website or email Colin.