July Mission Of The Month – New Generation Burundi

New Generation Burundi logo

Alli Blair is a tiny little retired lady with an inspiring story who lives round the corner from New Generation Burundi. She is half Canadian and half English. She was one of the first aid workers to go into Rwanda in 1994 after the genocide, and in 1998 she moved to Burundi to work for Worldvision.  On Christmas Day 1998 she was attending a local church and as she did not speak Kirundi (the local language), she asked a young Burundian to translate for her.  She gave the young man $5. Little did she know it, but this was the seed that gave birth to New Generation.  That young man was Dieudonne.  He decided to use the $5 to buy some food and soda and have a Christmas party for the younger street children.  From that day on, he started helping the younger children whenever he could, other people saw him doing this and gave him food or money, and gradually New Generation was born.

Alli continued to help Dieudonne and became one of the first members of Oasis church. She also set up her own charity which helps prostitutes change their way of life by training them to sew.  Her little charity, Bravo Ministries, employs 8 women, and makes craft products such as handbags, shopping bags and children’s toys using the wonderfully colorful local materials.  Alli has just taken on 5 new apprentices who will receive 10 months of training.  At the end they will be given a sewing machine each and help to set up their own businesses.  Alli knows from past experience that not all the girls will change their lives, and that the ones most likely to succeed are those that turn to Christ and ask Him to take control.