Church Finance

We have resisted any significant increase in the General Fund expenditure budget for the last three years in recognition of the difficult financial climate but, with the recruitment of Simon as our Associate Vicar and associated stipend and accommodation costs, 2015’s budget represents an increase of 11% over 2014’s. We have also seen some donor losses and giving reductions in 2014 and will enter 2015 with a projected gap of £87,589 between income and expenditure. God willing and through careful cost-management and your generous support we will be able to bridge the gap and advance our Kingdom-extending work.

We expect to end 2014 with sufficient money in our Property Fund to deal with maintenance and repairs in 2015 and enough in our Apprenticeship Fund to support Hannah and James, our Apprentices, to the end of their year with us (end August).

So, where will the money go?

Mission Partner Support

Our Mission budget enables us to support Stephen’s international ministry and 11 Mission Partners. It also provides a contingency from which we respond to specific needs during the year. It is calculated as a tithe-and-a-half (15%) of 2014 giving income. Budget £74,394

Parish Share

Each Parish pays a share of the Guildford Diocesan budget. From this the Diocese then provides a range of central support services. It also pays clergy stipends, funds the provision of clergy accommodation and meets the costs of Curates-in-training posts across the Diocese. Our share in 2015 will be £143,392

Adult Ministry

Monies are required to support the development of our Adult Ministries; Simon’s stipend, evangelism, training courses, small groups, etc. Some costs are recovered through monies received for training materials and refreshments. We have budgeted £72,424

Student Ministry

Student Ministry monies fund campus outreach including Freshers Week, literature, hospitality, occasional Retreats and transportation costs. They also meet Peter’s salary, accommodation costs and expenses. The 2015 budget is £89,277

Youth Ministry

We have over 40 teenagers regularly participating in our thriving Youth Ministry. Investing in their growth through weekly activities and special events and paying Beth’s salary and accommodation costs in 2015 will cost £45,858 or just £22 per week per teenager!

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry activities include our Sunday Clubs, School Lunch Clubs, two weekly Parent & Toddler groups and activities such as the Summer Holiday Bible Club and Praise Parties. Total costs in 2015, including Ministry team salaries, will be around £36,983

Church Management

Colin, Penny, Lesley, Angela, Annette and Steve assisted by wonderful volunteers, manage the day-to-day administration, operations and financial affairs of the Church and strive to make it a safe and welcoming environment for ministry and other activities. Costs in 2015 will amount to £98,868

Running Costs, Parish Magazine and other expenses

Our many running costs include gas, electricity, water, insurance, routine maintenance, cleaning, minibus costs, etc. We also incur costs to produce Connection Magazine distributed to over 2,900 homes every month and a significant outreach tool (largely recovered in advertising revenue). 2015 operating costs will amount to £78,785

So, how can I contribute?

Please download and read our Financial Stewardship Leaflet 2015.  If you wish to contribute to Christ Church, it contains all of the information and forms that you will need.  If you wish you can also complete and submit our on-line Pledge Form.