Mission Trip Funding Available


Are you thinking about going on a mission trip?

There are funds available in our mission budget to help people who feel called to go on a short or long term mission trip!  Here are some thoughts:

  • There are no age restrictions! We have had as many pensioners as students recently.
  • You don’t have to travel far – we made a grant to a student doing an evangelistic mission on a council estate in London.
  • Whilst we are particularly keen on people doing mission work connected to our mission partners, it can be for any Christian organization.
  • Our grants vary between £100 and £1,000.  The size of the grant depends on the cost of the trip and what you are planning to do i.e. the benefit to the organization you are visiting and helping.
  • However we would not normally provide more than half the total cost of the mission, unless there were special circumstances. i.e. we would expect the applicant to make some contribution, or do some fundraising.
  • Some of our mission partners do trips to visit their work. e.g. Amos Trust are planning hoping to organize a trip to New Generation Burundi in 2018. Compassion, CMS and Tearfund run trips every year. Grants are more likely where the applicant plans to do something at the project, rather than purely visit to watch the activities.
  • If you would like to apply, then please complete an Application Form and send it to rodwhd@gmail.com for the committee to prayerfully consider alongside any other current applications and funds available. Speak to Rod Whitehead on 0780 330 9230 for more details.


Our current mission partners are:

International: Amos Trust (New Generation Burundi), Church Mission Society, Compassion, Christianity Explored East Africa, DAI, FEBA, Open Doors, Peacemaker Mediators, Tearfund (LAMB Bangladesh)

UK: East to West, Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

To find our more about Christ Church’s Mission Partners, click here.