Operations Update


I thought you might like to hear about some developments behind the scenes at Christ Church.

As you probably know I took over as Operations Manager at the end of April.

I am very grateful to the team of volunteers who have helped me keep the ship on a straight course and have ensured that we continue to manage the many tasks behind the scenes.

Thank you to Szilvi for managing the rotas; Meg for Sunday preparation; Bruce for manning the front office and Carol for copying and printing; to my colleagues on the staff and management team who have been so supportive and willing to take on additional tasks; and to the very many committed Church Family members who give up their time to sit alongside operations and offer us their valuable support, time and skills in PCC admin; IT; finance; building matters; prayer; gardening; mission; hospitality and just about anything else we ask of them.

I am delighted to share with you that Carrie Vibert will be joining us in the Church Office in the post of part-time Administrator starting in September.  Sarah Banks has stepped in to fill the gap and although only one week into the post is already proving to be the answer to my prayers, please do introduce yourself to her if you see her in the office.

In addition to our usual business of managing the office administration; hosting events including Carnival Capers and Angela ably keeping tabs on the financial administration we have also just made a commitment to implement a new administration system which will make life easier for us in terms of service planning; rota management and web site hosting.  We will be moving to the ChurchBuilder platform over the next few months, you can be certain you will hear more about this as we become familiar with the tool and look to deploy it.

A heartfelt thanks to you, our Christ Church family, for bearing with me during the staff shortage and being so kind and supportive when things do not always go to plan, it has been a real team effort.  I am looking forward to more exciting times at Christ Church…. as well as a short holiday!


Annette Ross