Thank You From Megan Creamer From Her Mission


I am Megan Creamer and I am a Drama student at Royal Holloway. Early on in my first year, September 2016, I decided that I wanted to make Christchurch Virginia Water my church family whilst studying and they have been generous enough to give me funding towards my mission trip this summer. I am spending three months over the summer in America specifically in western Pennsylvania  at a Salvation Army summer camp called Allegheny for under privileged kids from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.


This job is not an easy one and I have seen a lot and faced some great struggles. Many of the children that I am working with are in the foster care system or are cared for by someone other that their parents. Some of them are clearly at camp because it is a cheap way to get rid of the kids for a week or so which is really sad to see. Here at camp we try to show them love, we give them a good fun week and teach them what we can about Jesus in the process. It is a brilliant but challenging experience to see how the kids develop through the week. Each child gets the chance to invite Jesus into their life during the week that they spend here.


I would like to thank the church for their generous donation towards my work here this summer and I look forward to sharing more of my experience when I am back at Royal Holloway and at Christchurch in the new term.


If you are interested in doing a mission of this nature, please do contact me at Here is a story of one camper, Re’Ann… She was a  lovely girl, she was only 5 which was too young for camp but she came anyway. One day she was not following instructions and we were telling her off when she froze on the spot and became unresponsive. It took over an hour to get her to even shake or nod her head in response to anything we said. This was very difficult as we were aware of this being a response to past trauma that would induce fear in her when in trouble. Through her week at camp we worked with her to show her our care, love and understanding. She grew in confidence and spirit as a result, which was lovely to see.


Evangelical Alliance Update

Evangelical Alliance

Great to see so many at our first of three Evangelical Alliance evenings on Tuesday 25 July.  Richard Powney gave us a great reminder of  how even the simplest conversations can lead people towards Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known.  As we are filled with His love and compassion our confidence to share His Love increases.

On September 26 Richard will be back at Christ Church with colleagues from the legal profession with insights and practical information on the legalities around sharing our faith and then….

on November 28 we will be looking at how to naturally start conversations that will move our friends, neighbours, colleagues further along their journey in faith.

Bring And Share Lunch Sunday 24 September


We look forward to seeing you at our next bring and share lunch on Sunday 24 September immediately following the 10:30 am service.

Please bring COLD DISHES or dishes in a slow cooker.  Thank you.

Tearfund Update

Tearfund thank you for all your support

Christ Church gave £2,000 to Tearfund for the East Africa Crisis Appeal. Here’s a 1 minute video saying thank you.

Ben Niblett


Volunteering Opportunity At The Street Child World Cup 2018

Burundi team celebrate goal SCWC2014

New Generation Burundi has been invited to take part in Street Child World Cup 2018 in Moscow May 19-27th 2018. The event will see 24 teams (12 boys & 12 girls) of former street children aged 15-18 take part in a soccer tournament, a street child conference and arts workshops. There will be over 100 volunteers from the UK and elsewhere travelling to Moscow to help run the event, and applications are open. Read more…..


The objective of the SCWC is to have a high profile soccer event immediately before the FIFA World Cup which highlights the way that street children are treated in many countries and which creates a platform for a global campaign that “no child should have to sleep on the streets. “


The first Street Child World Cup (SCWC) took place in Durban in 2010 when our then mission partner, Umthombo, hosted an 8-team tournament. Then a new charity was created, Street Child United, which organized the Rio SCWC in 2014 which saw over 200 street children, 75 project leaders and 140 UK, Brazilian & international volunteers travel to Rio for a week-long event.


New Generation Burundi took a squad of 9 boys to the Rio event and reached the final of the boys tournament, were they lost to Tanzania. The boys were wonderful ambassadors for their project and their country, taking part enthusiastically in the singing, dancing and arts events, which ran alongside the soccer. Innocent, their top-scoring striker, also sang a solo at the closing ceremony. New Generation had to raise the money for their flights to the event in 2014 and this will be a big challenge for them again in 2018.


The event will take place on the edge of Moscow on May 19-27th, just a month before the start of the FIFA World Cup. Volunteers are required to commit to be there from May 16-29th. The 2018 SCWC is being sponsored by Megafon, the 2nd largest Russian mobile phone operator, Vitol and Save the Children. Street Child United need to sign up further sponsors and donors to ensure that the event’s expenses are covered – but they are praying & working hard, and are much further ahead than they were with 10 months to go in 2013.


For more details about the volunteering opportunity and to apply, see . The deadline for applications is 8th September, though there is a chance this will be extended. Volunteers will need to pay for their flights and visa (about £350) and to fundraise £1,200 towards event costs. You can specify on your application form that you are keen to help New Generation Burundi, and if you raise more than £1,200 the extra funds can be put towards their costs. You can apply to be a Communications, Arts, Medical or General volunteer and foreign language speakers e.g. Russian, French, Spanish, Swahili will be especially helpful.


Diocese of Guildford – Worship Training

worship pictures

The Guildford Diocese Leading Worship Training is designed for lay people who lead or share in leading worship or who work with others to plan services.  Over 8 Wednesday evenings this autumn the course aims to deepen understanding of worship and develop skills.

We are currently taking applications for the next course which starts on the 20th September, and full details together with an online application facility are on the website.  Please encourage anybody who might be interested to consider applying.  The venue is St John’s Church, Stoke Road, Guildford. GU1 1HB:

All applicants must have the support of their vicar and PCC.  To apply please complete the online form for individual applicants and ask your vicar to complete the form for incumbents.  Click on the links below.


Leading Worship Training Application Form

This form is to be completed by the individual applicant

View >>

Leading Worship Training Application Form (Incumbent)

This form is to be completed by the incumbent

View >>

Taking Sight To Kenya


You can join me or perhaps you would prefer to pay not to! So far I have been given suitcases and permission to carry extra luggage. I have many pieces of ophthalmic equipment to take out to Kenya to increase the likelihood that people can reach an eye clinic. Patrick, the senior member of the ophthalmology team at Kijabe Hospital is preparing to leave his home for 3 months to learn to treat people suffering diabetic eye problems, which are the leading cause of blindness world wide. Sarah, his protégé is away studying to be able to carry out cataract surgery in his absence and build up the service in the future. They have sacrificed their time and comfort to be able to do this work, paying for their studies from their meagre salaries, but to make it worthwhile they need us to fund a yag laser ophthalmic device and other surgical equipment. Please can you help? Tax effective giving can be arranged through the office at Christ Church Virginia Water.

East Africa Appeal Update

Tearfund logo

Christ Church gave £3,000 to help with the food crisis in East Africa. Here’s an update from Tearfund in Somaliland, where they are providing clean water to 1,500 people, distributing cash to 3,500 people left destitute, and building up 500 young children who have been suffering from malnutrition, with a plumpy nut feeding programme.

Somaliland’s now in its third year of drought and needs our prayers – you can find out more in this interview with Tearfund’s Andy Morgan.

Veronica Returns to Kenya


It is the last few days before I leave on my fifth trip to Kenya and even more than usual I am suffering from ‘Imposter syndrome’, that fear that sooner or later you are going to be revealed to be something less than you proclaim yourself to be. Whilst the doctor in me realises that this condition is relatively common, that doesn’t make it any more comfortable to be in.  It is, in many ways partially true, on one hand I know that I have experience of working in Kenya and have some knowledge of what to expect, I also recognise the limitations of my clinical experience compared with the range and severity of the medical needs that I will be expected to manage when I am on call.  At those times I will be the most senior medical doctor on duty for the needs of the largest group of patients in the hospital. On the other hand though, I am in a significantly stronger position than I appear to be in; I am the child of the Most High God who made the universe and who called me to do this work and who has promised to be with me wherever I go, who has also vouched to ensure I will be properly equipped to do the work I am called to do.  I believe that part of this provision is the kindness of friends and unknown strangers to give advice via the World Wide Web when I am out of my depth and also the many people who are praying for me as I go on this trip.  I firmly believe it makes a big difference.
Last time I travelled I was meeting up with a doctor who I had worked with previously as a ‘short timer’ and knew I would be meeting up with others I knew. This time I only know that many I have worked with previously will not be there as they are taking holidays or on long leave and Kenya itself will be somewhat unsettled due to the forthcoming elections. Please pray for relationships to develop quickly between those who are ‘left’.
I am excited to be able to take a large amount of optical equipment with me.  My two ‘hold’ suitcases have been stripped out and totally filled with the donations from a gentleman who services the equipment in opticians and passes on the replaced items to different charitable causes. I have literally nothing more than a box of instant coffee sachets for me in those cases! I am relying on the clothes that I left on my last visit to be safely available for me.
I hope to receive permission to take extra equipment in my hand luggage and I hope I will be able to carry this heavy consignment together with a pair of crutches also donated to the hospital. Whilst I will carry a certificate stating I am taking medical supplies, bribery and corruption are common in Kenya and an unobstructed passage through customs will be appreciated.
Thank you for joining with me in this adventure once again.


Age UK Services


Please click the flyer to see information about some of the home services that Age UK provide.