Over 50’s Traditional Roast Lunch


All over 50’s welcome to attend our Traditional Roast Lunch on Thursday 28 September.  Arrive 12:30 for a two course roast meal with wine; followed by tea or coffee for a suggested donation of £5.  We look forward to welcoming you.




Prov 27:17  As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Faith is a journey…. and we can struggle with the walk alone, or we can find strength and support in doing it together.  We have several men’s groups doing various activities, doing life together and supporting one another.  So whether you enjoy walking, camping, golf, Bible Study or prayer, there is a men’s group for you.  We also encourage guys to be in a Home Group, but it is good to get together as men, look out for one another, have fun, and learn together.  If you would like to more details then either email us at men@cc-vw.org, or contact us individually:

Bible Study (weekly, breakfast and study) – Ken Edwards & Scott Elias

Camping (ad hoc weekends) – Brent Owens

Prayer groups (weekly/monthly, evening, food, chat & pray) – Brent Owens, Will Bissett

Walking (monthly) – Dave Thomas

We’ll be more than happy to tell you about our respective groups, and welcome you along if you want to join with us!  It’s always good to have new men join us on the journey.

Connection Distribution


Thank you for your support in delivering Connection Magazines.   We still  have a couple of rounds without owners.  If you ever have a spare hour to enjoy a walk around our lovely area then please come and help yourself to any magazines that have not been delivered.  They can usually be found on the desk next to the photocopier in reception with delivery instructions.


The Lord Answers Our Prayers For New Generation!


We prayed last month that New Generation would be able to raise the money to buy their site, and that another church would decide to support them. Both prayers were answered before Dieudonne left the UK! He asked us to thank everyone for making him feel so welcome.

At First Wednesday we prayed for the church that was considering supporting New Generation. St Margaret’s church in Uxbridge have now decided to support New Generation on a monthly basis. They recently received a large legacy, and have also decided to give New Generation £50,000 to help buy their site – this will make the charity much stronger by eliminating rental costs which are one of the biggest costs the charity faces.

For St Margarets the fact that Dieudonne runs the Oasis church, which operates from the hall on New Generation’s site, was a critical factor. The £50,000 is about 20% of the total cost – New Generation already has pledges for the other 80%. Oasis currently pay 20% of the rent, so God has given exactly what was needed to buy the site, and what Oasis needed to ensure that they will not have to pay rent in future either.

Dieudonne greatly enjoyed meeting old and new supporters on his visit to the UK. He hopes to build up a supporter base who take an active interest in the children and in developments at the project. You can follow events at New Generation on their face book page, New Generation Burundi . Oasis is a lively, growing church – see Oasis Christian Centre


5 Tips for Teaching Our Children To Pray


Teaching our children to pray is a key responsibility of children’s ministers and parents alike.  Here are five tips which we can use in our children’s groups and also in our homes:

  1. Give your children an opportunity to pray. In music, in sport, in life, the more we put in the more we get out.  The more we pray, the more comfortable and natural it becomes.  So let us pray!
  2. Children’s prayers are just as powerful as adults’ prayers. God values kids’ prayers and so should we.  Jesus said ‘let the children come to me’.  He could just as easily have said, ‘let the children speak to me’ – and prayer is speaking (and listening) to God.
  3. Model prayer. This is great for the home as it encourages us to pray together – we don’t just let the children say a night time prayer but we also say one too.  It’s also important for church.  Here is a challenge for our family services – to make our prayers both relevant and interesting because we are modelling prayer to the whole congregation.
  4. Share answers to prayer with our children.  A prayer book is one way to do this: make a note about what our children are praying for and look back occasionally to see what happened.  This can lead to a good learning point – that God does answer prayer, though not always in the way we want / expect – and in His time, not ours.
  5. Let your children pray for you. Our kids are prayer warriors because they do have that faith as big as a mustard seed that perhaps we lose.  So let them pray for us, in both big and small things.

Prayer should be central to our Christian faith and therefore central to our children’s lives as well.  It’s a key way to talk to and listen to God; so we need to train our children in prayer so they grow with it at the heart of all they do.  Jeremy

Runnymede Deanery Newsletter

Runnymede Deanery

Catch up on all the local Deanery news here.

UCCF Christian Union Newsletter


James Bunyan writes: “Please find my latest prayerletter enclosed! Some exciting news within and I am very grateful to be doing this work in London!”  Click here to find out what is happening with James Bunyan and UCCF.

Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study runs every Thursday during term time. All ladies are welcome to come along from 10:00-11:30 for Fellowship, Bible Study and Prayer.

From the beginning of September they will be going through the study guide Promises Kept, which is available on the bookstall. For further details contact Angela Suttie.

Prayer Room Permanently Open 09:00 – 16:00

Prayer Room 1

The far room in the Patio extension is our prayer room.  Open during office hours, please come and use as you feel the need.  No advance booking required.



Pastoral Care


We have a dedicated Pastoral Care Team. If you have a burden that you need to share, or you would appreciate a pastoral visit, please let Stephen know on 07970 789549 or Simon on 07949 615324.