Taking Sight To Kenya


You can join me or perhaps you would prefer to pay not to! So far I have been given suitcases and permission to carry extra luggage. I have many pieces of ophthalmic equipment to take out to Kenya to increase the likelihood that people can reach an eye clinic. Patrick, the senior member of the ophthalmology team at Kijabe Hospital is preparing to leave his home for 3 months to learn to treat people suffering diabetic eye problems, which are the leading cause of blindness world wide. Sarah, his protégé is away studying to be able to carry out cataract surgery in his absence and build up the service in the future. They have sacrificed their time and comfort to be able to do this work, paying for their studies from their meagre salaries, but to make it worthwhile they need us to fund a yag laser ophthalmic device and other surgical equipment. Please can you help? Tax effective giving can be arranged through the office at Christ Church Virginia Water.