Thank You From Megan Creamer From Her Mission


I am Megan Creamer and I am a Drama student at Royal Holloway. Early on in my first year, September 2016, I decided that I wanted to make Christchurch Virginia Water my church family whilst studying and they have been generous enough to give me funding towards my mission trip this summer. I am spending three months over the summer in America specifically in western Pennsylvania  at a Salvation Army summer camp called Allegheny for under privileged kids from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.


This job is not an easy one and I have seen a lot and faced some great struggles. Many of the children that I am working with are in the foster care system or are cared for by someone other that their parents. Some of them are clearly at camp because it is a cheap way to get rid of the kids for a week or so which is really sad to see. Here at camp we try to show them love, we give them a good fun week and teach them what we can about Jesus in the process. It is a brilliant but challenging experience to see how the kids develop through the week. Each child gets the chance to invite Jesus into their life during the week that they spend here.


I would like to thank the church for their generous donation towards my work here this summer and I look forward to sharing more of my experience when I am back at Royal Holloway and at Christchurch in the new term.


If you are interested in doing a mission of this nature, please do contact me at Here is a story of one camper, Re’Ann… She was a  lovely girl, she was only 5 which was too young for camp but she came anyway. One day she was not following instructions and we were telling her off when she froze on the spot and became unresponsive. It took over an hour to get her to even shake or nod her head in response to anything we said. This was very difficult as we were aware of this being a response to past trauma that would induce fear in her when in trouble. Through her week at camp we worked with her to show her our care, love and understanding. She grew in confidence and spirit as a result, which was lovely to see.