Update From Veronica

I frequently wonder how valuable my services in Kenya are, but perhaps these pictures give a little insight into the lives of the the people around here.

The children, who would not be barefoot if they had shoes, playing on a grassy slope which they slide down on pieces of cardboard. They make the most of what is available.

The ancient wheelchair, missing both arm rests and a foot rest with breaks that barely hold on the flat. Anyone who has broken a bone will recall the pain of each jolt. Neither the wheelchairs or trolleys are designed with any consideration of comfort and in this climate everything ages far more quickly.

Instead of complaining people tend to be far more accepting than we are at home, and grateful for the care we are able to give. We experience frustration when things aren’t right. All too often we don’t use this emotion to work towards change. I sometimes feel lazy not becoming more political in an attempt to change the bigger picture, as it is, I try and change little things whenever possible and share God’s love, which is for everybody with those who have so little.

I appreciate your prayers for me and the others who work here on both short and longterm assignments



veronica. evludhfl.